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Venessa Baez

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Intro to HTML Email Development

UPDATE: The class is live! 


In this class, you'll learn the basics of coding an HTML email using nested tables and inline CSS. 


Target Audience

This class is geared toward anyone that wants to learn more about how emails are developed with HTML. Having previous knowledge of HTML is preferred, but anyone without prior knowledge is welcome to take the course and follow along. A basic template will be provided so that students can update the content and follow along with the course.



The outline is complete and available here.


Outline: Abridged

  1. Introduction
  2. Free tools to use
  3. How does email work?
  4. HTML table explained
  5. Nesting HTML tables
  6. Other Considerations
  7. Project Part 1
  8. Project Part 2
  9. Project Part 3
  10. Project Part 4
  11. Next Steps



This is an early version of the introduction video. Once I have more content finished for the class, I'll use snippets of the other videos as b-roll to hide the obvious jump cuts in this V1 Introduction.


Link to Class

Link to published class, coming soon. 


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