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Intro to Composition

These 5 photos are my 1st assignment in Lesson 1: Composition

1.  Mahogany I am opening an etsy store soon to sell my homemande wooden homegoods, which is the main reason I took this course; to learn how to take great product shots.  This is my first try showing how the planter I made would be used in real life.

2. Hallway.  This is a photo of a standing desk I made for my husband,  I thought it would qualify for the frame within a frame category, and also the foreground, mid, and background.

3.Toy Building. Biking around my neighborhood, I liked how this looked with the cloudless sky.  It wasn't till I cropped it that it looked interesting.

4: Wheatpaste. Some art in my neighborhood.  I tried to do rule of thrirds on this one.

5.Train I used the golden ratio on this one and it cropped quite a bit,  so its pixelated.  Not sure I did it correctly.


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