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Intro to Cartoon Character Design - Pirate Shopping

This is the start of my project. Making a scene with a pirate going to Pirate "baywear" to get some bargains :) 

I like the head, but legs look wrong, it might be the position of the feet. but I'm going to run with it for now.


Exaggerating Shapes
Small changes but I fixed a couple of issues like his sword was the wrong way oooooops! :D 
I've made the bag smaller ... but I should've made it bigger... Perhaps I should change the wooden leg to the left leg and cover the right one with a massive bag.



I repositioned the sword handle and made a gap between his right arm and his body. It gave more of a hint that it was his arm and body


So far 

He is looking better than yesterday I feel but needs some subtle changes here and there. I'll keep going though and see how it turns out :D


Adding Values

Ran out of time but here is the Adding values part. 


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