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Chris Heath

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Intro for Class Production Workshop Series Teacher Challenge

In this intro I was experimenting with a number of things:

- Recording audio with minimal editing in post.

- Experimenting with lights, diffusion and bounced light to get a more cinematic look to the introduction

- Overlaying b-roll from the class.

- Incorporating different camera angles within the b-roll where two cameras were used to record the same footage. That is shooting the drawing process from above and a close-up from the side at the same time.

- Overlaying a simple cinematic animation created in Keynote

- Simplifying the whole introduction down to its essence and just under one minute.

With the exception of the close-up b-roll of the drawing process, this has been shot on my new Canon M50.

One thing I'd like to know is should I use the finished icon images in the cover image given that the class doesn't go as far as showing students how to create the final image? This class is all about sketching up icon ideas on paper. I intend to follow on with another two classes which take one or two of these icons to completion.


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