Intro To Tabletop Styling


+ Outdoor seating comfortable enough for 12 on patio (dining table, built-in bench, garden seats, cushions and linens).

+ Barbecue / Clam Bake with salads and sides (Plates, stemmed glasses, water glasses, flatware)

+ Wine to be served:  red and white


Color Story

+ Complimentary: Blue and Orange

+ Dominant Color: Natural, Texture: Linen

+ Secondary Color:  Gold

+ Accent Color(s):  Blues and Corals



+ Centerpiece/Focal Point:  Tall grasses in glass vases and clam shell décor center to table and BETWEEN place settings

+ Accent Pieces: Sea urchins, corals and mercury glass votives occupy remaining space in center BETWEEN place settings

+ Plates and Flatware evenly spaced



+ Tall grass collected from the beach = Simple statement to add interest and texture



Although there are no personal effects at each setting, if there were I think it would look to cluttered, I believe the unexpected formality of an outdoor lunch or dinner along with the pillows and the garden seats, provides a relaxed, welcome, and intimate feeling in contrast to the rawness of nature and the vast body of water to make this a very memorable event.


Possible Events

Summer time family gathering, Birthday, Father’s Day, Untraditional Fourth of July, Welcome to the neighborhood, Society Meeting, Business Entertaining- Client Meeting, Day Before the (Beach) Wedding.


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