Intricate Drawing in my A6 Visual Diary

Intricate Drawing in my A6 Visual Diary - student project

I always find myself returning to intricate line drawings whenever I am going through an overwhelming situation in life. I find the act of drawing line after line, this way and that, meditative and healing. 

It's often when I am experiencing a great deal of pain in my heart that I turn to the page and place line after line, turning the page one way then the other, creating depth on a two-dimensional surface.

This time I chose to mix things up and bring in characters that appeared out of nowhere. Little pictorial representations of who I am and how I feel at this moment... of course they're not a photo-realistic representation of me, but they say something to me on a symbolic level.

I also chose to leave space around the lines. It says something about the unknown that has opened up before me. It's filled with potential for new things to be made manifest in the near future.

For me, this drawing is a metaphor of life and this peice is a representation of where I am at in life.

I have been living in a world filled with lines, directions, processes and policies. Doing work that paid bills but hardly filled me up with excitement and joy. I've been working... doing everything that everyone else wants but now my drawing is asking... what about me? 

We all living through COVID-19 and its flow on effects. It's a stressful time and changes can bring heart ache. Let art be a healing place if you can.

In times of overwhelm doing an intricate line drawing allows me to reflect deeply as I draw. 


Intricate Drawing in my A6 Visual Diary - image 1 - student project

Selina Shapland
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