Into the woods

Into the woods - student project

Finished illustration, with full view, at the very bottom. The above is really the focal point.


Into the woods - image 1 - student project



A photo from our backyard, where pumpkin vines and canna lilies kiss the edge of the woods. It's hard to see the path through all that grass, but I hope to make it more distinctive with a few minor changes.


Into the woods - image 2 - student project


I edited the sketch to make it more visible. The recommendation to draw in shapes first, then consider the rule of thirds, made it much easier to get the composition right. Normally I draw the whole composition from small details, which I erase, if unbalanced. No such dramas, if starting with large shapes instead.


Into the woods - image 3 - student project


Inking was a bit more challenging. I feel I went too heavy - which I always do with ink, so I'm hoping the next step of watercolour, will create more contrast. All the elements seem to be listing towards the right. Which is part of the natural landscape, considering everything is growing on a hill. Except in the background.



Into the woods - image 4 - student project


I don't have the best watercolour paints or paper, but I'm happy with the result in the end - as I'm normally pretty bad with landscapes. If I could improve anything, it needs more contrast. Requiring gouache in certain areas, like the grass.

I enjoyed doing part one. Not sure if I will complete part 2, considering it's pretty wet around here of late.