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Into the unknown

One of the main things that I noticed when watching the class videos was the way in which a liquid identity adapts to reflect the company or organisation it belongs to. In all of Paula's case studies there were examples of this and so I wanted to focus on this branding element in my own work.

NASA and space exploration is a very exciting subject and conjures up a lot of very striking and memorable imagery; plenty to inspire. While doing a short research excersize I noticed just how much inspiration there was! Here were some of my early ideas:



Happy with the range of ideas created I looked to develop a few and stretch their usage. I narrowed down to a couple of ideas then down to my final identity below.

In this identity I wanted to reflect NASA's missions statement of exploration of the unknown; this is what stood out to me most in my research. The final identity represents this mysterious unknown with a fluid, unconventional form; and a subtle nod to the old identity.








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