Into the Forest

Recently took another class, Lettering in the Wild, which was focused on applying type to images. I only had available to me fonts I had downloaded, I hadn't done hand lettering myself yet, and I felt my project really needed that humanistic feel that comes from hand lettering. When I found this class I was excited to work on my first hand-lettered phrase and digitalize it so I could improve my past project! 

I worked mostly on practicing some "modern calligraphy" letters then started honing my sketched phrase using various sharpies and crayola markers. 


Once I had a version I was satisfied with (version five out of the nine, funny how it never seems to be the last one) I scanned it and cleaned it up.


I chose an image from, placed my lettering, edited, and called it done.


I know I have a lot of room for improvment but considering I was applying several newly learned skills I'm pretty happy with the result! Thanks for the course, Andrea! 


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