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"Into Thin Air" Drop Cap

I've read this book nearly annually for years - and it's cemented itself as a favorite in my mind. The story is gripping and gritty, adventurous and inspiring.

11.20.13 - SKETCHING

I've spent some time exploring my brainstorming and here are 3 initial sketches that show the most potential. A couple of them are rather illustrative, which is not my in my comfort zone, but I figure it's a good muscle to try stretching. So far, I think my favorite idea is the monolithic 'K' that's wrapped in the tattered Tibetian prayer flags atop the mountain. I think the most unique idea, though, is the option with the K forming out of ladders & climbers.


Ok, I admit, I haven't re-read the entire book (yet!), but I think I've got enough from what I've reviewed + my memory + Wikipedia/internets to move forward. I realize that by choosing a non-fiction title, there isn't much in the way of symbolism in this story, so I think I'm gonna have to be more literal in my approach. I spent last night brainstorming and below is an image of some of my thoughts.


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