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Into Harmony

"Happiness is when hat you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"  

mahatma gandhi

When I wake up in the morning I have no plan what to do. Don't take me wrong! I'm very a busy man. I spend lots of time organizing chaos at work and clean up our home.

Even though I went to school for many years, I have not learned how to generate a simple "to do" list. I tried it many times, but for some reason it has not fly just yet.

Since I remember organizing tasks, using calendar, and noteing able to prioritizing important tasks effectively have been my weaknesses.

I am doing too much and getting too little done!!! It is quite frustrating.

When first I heard “Open loop” didn’t have much impact, but as I sit with it I realized my RAM is full with “to dos”.  No wonder I am always exhausted.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I started entring my "open loop"s (O/L) into Things. First it was hard to think of any. first hour I entered about 9 or 10 O/L.  I spent 2 hours on Thanksgiving day to discover about 30 O/Ls.

However, things got better, by now I have spent about 11 hours seeking and entering any O/Ls in my mind and my life. So far, there are 113 L/Ps chaptured.

As far as physical O/Ls, I bought a $5 legal mail tray from Walmart. (Side note: I went to Walmart on Thanksgiving day, poor employees had to work whole day stuking up for Black Friday.  What happened to our Thanksgiving day being with our families.  I felt sorry for poor employees who had to work, and I am greatful for their sacrifices.) I stack all my paper notes, books that I'm reading or I want to read, letters,etc in that box. 



Whole day today I dealt with physical inbox.  I scanned all the printed articles, my lose notes, my personal notes into "Document". Now the pape files are gone, instead I have pile of e-file in "Document" which I don't know how to address them.  It seems like I generated new inbox of scanned papers.  I need help!?!


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