Interview question 14 - my answer

Interview question 14 - my answer - student project

Sharing my answer to Q14 below:

"how would you organize an event for 100 people for our company?". 

Structure selected: STAR method. 

S: If I would be a member of your business operations team, I could imagine organizing an event to engage with our clients and members. 


T: I would challenge myself to plan and coordinate the event from beginning to end. 

A: The first thing I would do, is align with internal stakeholders on the goals of the event. "What do we wish to achieve?". Can we achieve these goals with an event or would an online campaign be more effective. Secondly, I would translate these goals into metric I can track: attendance, engagement, follow-up meetings, revennue increase in the related product areas? After that, I would jump into the operational aspects: an event tracker to keep everyone on their deadlines, and a timeline with clear event organization milestones. 

R: Lastly, I would makje sure to track the results from the event and internally share learnings and impact metrics, to showcase the work and perhaps even scale the concept in an internal playbook.   

Looking fwd to some fb on this one. Thanks! JS