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UPDATE: I'm struggling to find an application I can write my screenplay out on. >_< tbc.

1. Selecting text:  The text I choose to adapt into my screen play was the poem William and Emily from Edgar Lee Master's Spoon River Anthology.  This poem spoke to me in many ways.  Some personal and some practical.  What grabbed my attention most about this piece is being able to FEEL the emotions as I read. At first you are clouded by the talk of death but then soon you recieve a wave of relief that everything will be OK in the end. While discussing a taboo subject as death, it made you feel and understand that death is OK and part of the cycle of life. Something to enjoy while it's present and even there after.  Because once you find true love its everlasting just like death.  It will always be there. When reading this I invisioned a lover of many years telling this to there significant other. A good, honest, raw, true goodbye. 

Text as follows; 

~William and Emily~ 

THERE is something about

Death Like love itself!

If with some one with whom you have known passion

And the glow of youthful love,

You also, after years of life Together,

feel the sinking of the fire

And thus fade away together,

Gradually, faintly, delicately,

As it were in each other's arms,

Passing from the familiar room--

That is a power of unison between souls

Like love itself!

2. Drafting.

The background for my characters I have are: 

William~ William is an heir to a wealthy family. 30 something, he's very handsome and persuasive. Since he's had a generally care-free easy life he is having a hard time understanding why this is happening. He refuses to believe there's nothing he can do.  He has had his eyes on Emily since the beginning, courting her from the start.  

Emily~ Emily is a local nurse located off of Williams island. She is very compassionate and independent. Some might say introverted. It's was love at first sight for her at the tender age of 15 when she met William. She has played hard to get though from the beginning creating a cat and mouse relationship. 

Backgroud story: Since meeting in grade school they fell in love with one another. From that moment on they've had a close relationship even dating at times. Forward 20 years they are finally settled down together living the life anyone would of dreamed until Emily contracts a fever which leads to pneumonia. She reassures William that she can nurse herself back to health not having to leave the island, only to find she is progressively getting weaker and weaker. It's time for Emily to say goodbye to her love William only to question is this really a goodbye? Or is it that once you find your soulmate you become intertwined here in life and in the afterlife? 

will finish the upload when I have time! to be con~ 


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