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Interrupted Art Adventures

I honestly don't really have a particular project or anything in mind with this class. Mostly, I'm looking to generally improve so that I can incorporate what I learn into many projects. And I miss taking art courses, since I've taken the semester off school. So here we go.

11/16: So as of last night, I've chosen my reference photo, and I'm already wondering if it might have been a huge mistake, but this one I saved ages ago with the intention of drawing at some point. I'm hoping it'll be more of an adventure and a learning experience than an exercise in wanting to tear my hair out and throw things. So good luck to me!

11/20(or 21):

At long last, I've had time to sit down and start drawing! I've my basic sketch started, and some of the darkest values. I'm a little bit worried about capturing the likeness, and the hair is going to be an adventure.


This is going to get hideously long as I keep uploading progress shots, but I think I'm alright with that. I haven't had hardly any time to draw lately between work and NaNoWriMo. Here's what I've got so far:

At long last, here is my finished piece! I'm not completely satisfied by any means, but it was defiitely a learning experience. I'm gonna have to try the other photos I have stashed away to draw. I think I'll see more improvement and get a more accurate drawing on a second try. And if anyone has any suggestions on what I could have done better, I really want to hear them.


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