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Internet search engines - In search of Trust!

Our safety and convenience are topmost on the minds of our friends when they recommend anything to us - a place to visit, a restaurant to take our family out to, a locality where to settle down if we are moving in to their town!

Yet, the internet search engines, of today, are commodities, dishing out information without feeling!

Can the internet search engine results of tomorrow start to care? Can the results win our trust? Can the results inspire us with information which we never thought we will find?

Lets explore that better tomorrow!

4th Aug 2015

August 1998 I visited the USA for the first time and in my excitement, I landed up carrying a bare 50 USD in cash and rest of the money in Travellers' Cheque.

A very kind manager at the hotel I was staying in saved the day for me by steering me away from a possible troubled neighborhood and then encashing a TC when the sole open bank in the neighborhood won't. This act of kindness earned my TRUST and I was ready to persuade anyone, who would listen, to go stay at that hotel when visiting San Jose.

Today, when we are away from our home and want to take our family out for an exotic dinner, we look up the information about restaurants on Internet Search Engines. They dish out the list without bothering if one of these recommendations is located in a locality that is prone to crime after sundown!

Whatif, the internet search engine of tomorrow cared about your well being? What if it worked to earn our TRUST?

This dream of building a better tomorrow is what I wake up to everyday! And since, the internet search engine is such an important part of our current life, I chose to use that as the tool to bring about that transformation. This is the reason why my friend and I decided to build

We use Machine Learning and Natural Language Parsing to make information from this humongous ocean of data called the internet, as well as to understand the MEANING of your queries. This helps us to fetch the information that is most relevant to your search query and transform the search experience of tomorrow.

Want to give it a spin?

My presentation video here:


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