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Anghelos Coulon

Franco-Greek designer living in China.



Internet Pirate

As being a pirate entails more than swashbuckling today, I decided to draw a pirate who likes to steal the boarded vessel's wifi to download a movie or two, while he's off swishing cutlasses and throwing grappling hooks.
Seeing that a pirate needs to have somewhat of a vintage look, I also equipped this little bugger with a floppy disk and some ethernet cables. He also carries a quarter on a string, if ever the loot includes an arcade machine.

I didn't use any images for inspiration for this drawing, apart from Piratbyran's logo, for reference.

I liked the "fleeing the scene" feel that Matt's drawing has, so I shamelessly copied it, in true pirate fashion!
Here is my initial sketch, along with my first squiggles:


On to Illustrator!

Here are the (already clipped) shapes, with non-final colors, as well as an overlay with the sketch, as many important details were not drawn in illustrator:




Shapes & sketch

Update: I finished the render and texturing, I might come back to it at a later date, but I'm pretty happy with the result. I actually prefer the outlined version, so I'm leaving the initial sketch overlayed, despite its much lower resolution. Thanks again for the class!




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