International District / Chinatown Walking Guide

International District / Chinatown Walking Guide - student project

May 6, 2013

Seattle's International District / Chinatown is a historic and energetic urban neighborhood towards the southeastern edge of Seattle's downtown. Flanked between Interstate-5 and Fourth Avenue which bisects the International District from Pioneer Square and SODO, the neighborhood's small surface are makes it accessible and walkable over it's gentle sloping grade.

International District / Chinatown Walking Guide will offer some details about this historic neighborhood, including landmarks, cultural venues, and walks to nearby communities including Japantown (Nihonmachi) and Little Saigon along the Jackson Street corridor east of I-5.

I will include some photography and map details in the app. It will also focus on some of the neighborhood's history and heritage architectural character, but I will not set it out to make this application to be encyclopedic, comprehensive or exhaustive. This is only a proof of concept for application development.

Eric Gould

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