International Cuisine in My Town

This is a very raw version of a map showcasing my favourite places to buy food from different countries. The design is not very detailed as regards streets, but it's rather simplistic with the correspondent avenues or streets and an iconic illustration of the country where the food they sell is  typical.  It's mostly intended for accompanying reviews in some article about international cuisine. It will probably include more places and details, or a change of illustration in any country, but this is the main idea.

Why am I making this map? For fun? A client? A gift? To showcase my favorite places?
I'm making this map to have my favorite ethnic food restaurants at hand and to share them with other people.
Why am I the expert to create this map?
Because I picked the places I like the most.

Who is my target audience?
People from all ages who are interested in eating something different from the local food or the usual fast food restaurants and want to have a meal at a culturally different place.
Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? How is going to be used/held? What other constraints do I need to keep in mind moving forward? 
Both. I'd use it in a magazine or any blog.
What level of detail do I need to include? 
Name, address and phone number.
Dear class, I need your help/expertise/guidance on how to.....
I'd like to receive any feedback!

International Cuisine in My Town - image 1 - student project

I got inspired by a map I found at

International Cuisine in My Town - image 2 - student project

Project Update - Imaginary Cities

International Cuisine in My Town - image 3 - student project