International Business Themed Interface

International Business Themed Interface - student project

Update 4/26:

Updated the exclamation to a question mark. I think it makes more sense for information (I also tried a lower case i, but it looked silly.

International Business Themed Interface - image 1 - student project

Here's my final icon set. I think they came a long way in the last week, and will work really well with my upcoming project. I'm quite excited to get to use them now!

International Business Themed Interface - image 2 - student project


Update 4/22:

This is my latest update. I'm enjoying the way it's starting to take shape. The text below the images is simply for reference and is not part of the logo design.

International Business Themed Interface - image 3 - student project


Update 4/18:

Here's my current sketch status. Sorry, I went kind of crazy and my categories got quite muddled as I was going! I only sketched out the three repeating logos so far. These are the three that I think I will struggle with (greeting/salutation, verbal communication, and non-verbal communication). I am also going to include a mockup of how they might fall as a graphic on an eLearning page.

Some thoughts:

Greeting: I want to be careful about using a hand or a wave gesture...the lesson is about being very careful about impressions. I would prefer to avoid these types of gestures since there are often rules surrounding them.

Written/Oral- I think this should really just say "verbal." The content is really about speaking.

I"m now wondering if the three icons could all have mouths in them...the greeting be the last in the first column and have the thought bubble coming from the mouth.

International Business Themed Interface - image 4 - student project

International Business Themed Interface - image 5 - student project


Update 4/15:

This project is for an eLearning lesson: International business. The student visits 3 countries via a main menu. From there, They see an introduction screen for the country with has a set of 4 icons at the top: General Infomation, Greeting/Salutations, Oral/Written Communication, and Non-verbal communication. Clicking on the button brings them to content related to that topic about that country. They then move on to question pages, but the buttons are still available so they can refer back to what they've learned. Each of the three countires follows the same pattern.

International Business Themed Interface - image 6 - student project

The audience here is for 9th grade (or approx 15yrs). I really want to keep that in mind and keep the icons fun and relatable for that age group. 

International Business Themed Interface - image 7 - student project


I'm beginning work on an eLearning module (for my day job) about international business. The instructional designer would like to have an interface built into the lesson where the user clicks to view different types of information.

I have the ability to really think outside the box on this project as far as how the designs look, so I think it will fit here real well.

My hopes as the designer is to have something that conveys a travel theme, but maybe have an international feel to it. 

Kristin Savko

eLearning Developer, Photographer, Designer