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Internal start up: creating new sales concept

Very simple first draft below

Describing the project phases and time allocation for the company internal start up work. In Finnish for now, the next version in English:) 

We're developing a new product concept around the research data we have. The start up  process is very efficient, just a handful of time slots reserved from team members' calendars from ideation to creation of sales presentation. 

I'll delevop this into a scatter plot or similar to describe what is the impact of different phases (either personal/team learning), client exposure, or other. Let's see how it will look like...


The next version looks like this: 

I selected "level of details" and time as axes. The level of details seemed very important as what struck me during the process was how many decisions we need to make along the process. We have not started planning how the new concept will be carried out. Now we focus on making the concept sellable to be tested in the market. And then adjust accordingly. Of course we are already making cost and pricing calculations, define the needed resources, but we are not going into detail how the production process will flow, what kind of automation is needed, etc.



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