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Interior Styling

Needs: In the living room, I think the most important need is a comfortable couch - this one definitely looks big and plush. There's lighting when there isn't any natrural light coming in as well. 

Shape: There aren't a lot of contrasting shapes, but there is the round flower arrangement (to the right of the photo). Plus there's some contrast in the different sizes of the frames on the wall.

Color: Lots of neutrals here, but they give off a very relaxed, comforting vibe.

Pattern: There are different patterns in the pillowcases and the throw. I suppose you could also count the spiral lamp base as another "pattern" to contrast with everything else.

Texture: The pillows and the throw provide texture here as well. There's also texture in the rug - it's a sort of wicker-like texture (although it's not very visible in this photo). The plants on the coffee table and the side table also contribute different textures. 

Placement: I like mini-collection of frames and their images; there's also a small collection of pillows. The coffee table has a good number of things on it, but they range from small (the little gold feather) to large (the tray).

Bling: The gold frame pops out from the wall, and there's gold in the little flower dish on the side table - it's suble but effective. The vase next to it is a nice brass, and the glass candle holders also contribute a little bling to the coffee table.

Botanicals: There are two small plants (unfortunately not totally visible in this image), but they add a subtle freshness to the space and little pops of green. 

5 "Before" Areas of my Home

Bedroom - bed/mirror: I have a 50mm lens on my DSLR and this is unfortunately as much as I could fit in the photo. But this is half of my bedroom and it's very sparse and boring!

Bookshelf - please pay no attention to the laundry basket and the iron and iMac box, we're low on storage areas! But this is our bookshelf filled with a mix of mine and my sister's books and knicknacks. It's filled with stuff, but sort of haphazardly done.

Couch - I love our Ikea couch, it's so comfortable. But we've been lazy about really making it look nice and inviting. We have a weird mix of pillows and blankets on it all the time.

Coffee table - I love this coffee table (and the rug - both from CB2). But we tend to get lazy with just throwing magazines, books, etc. on and underneath it. We definitely need to organize it and get more decorative elements on it.

Side table - I've left this table bare, and it ends up being a pseudo-desk/catchall for all kinds of random things. This and the other areas are basically just areas of "controlled" clutter!


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