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Interior Styling

Black and white is everywhere right now so I wasn't suprised to find this image making its round on Pintrest.  In the past I've shied away from the palette becuase I love color and birghtness but this is a great example of a room that's actually prettty bright and tastefully uses black for dimension.  

Project 1: 8 Principles of Styling 

Here is my attempt at disecting this gorgeous room based on what I learned in the first lesson:

1. NEED: Instead of having your instuments gather dust in corners around the house it's nice to put them on display almost as art on a wall but still have them within reach for use.

2. SHAPE: This laquered side table brings a bit of fluidity to the room and slightly micimis the body of the guitars.

3. COLOR: The prominent color is white with black, grey and cream accents throughout the room. 

4. PATTERN: There are a variety of patterns in this room - from the zig zags on the pillows and rug to the intricate details on the facade of the fireplace.

5. TEXTURE: The felt rose petals that make us this ottoman are a nice contast to the other fabrics used in the room.

6. PLACEMENT: Here is an example of symmetry and appropriate placment of additional lighting by the bookshelf. 

7. BLING: The copper pendant lamp brings in major bling and complements the coffee table legs and clamp lamps on the bookshelf. 

8. BOTANICALS: The flowers on the fireplace mantel bring in a pop of freshness and some more texture to the room.

Project 2:  Take "Before" Photos

The second part of the first lesson was focused around photographing interiors and specific techniques for this type of photography.  We were asked to take some "beofre" photographs of common spaces in our homes using the techniques that we learned. Here are my photos:






Coffee Table


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