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{Interior Styling} with my fingers crossed

8 Principles

This picture called my name, I'm sure because of the green sofa. I just love green! When I finally stopped OOing and AAAAing over the green velvet couch I relised that the picture had all 8 principles. YEAH!!! SCORE!!

 Shape, the sofa and pillows are very square/staight lines, then that super cute vase throws the a roundness to it all. Then COLOR, I really don't think I need to explain my self again. hehehehe. Pattern, the wallpaper and pillows take care of that. Texture, the chairs and of course the velvet sofa. Placement, I felt that since the wallpaper was so busy, the perfectly lined up pillows and maching chairs balances it. Bling, the Lincolne head! Lastly Botanicals, those beautifl roses.


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