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Interior Styling: 8 Fundamentals

Project 3A: Styling a console

Before Picture: I didn't have anywhere to organize my jewelry, so everything was very scattered.

After Photos:

I purchased a stand for my jewelery and used other things around my apartment to help. I added a little table runner my grandmother made for me, to add texture to the console. The jewelry and picture frame provide beautiful bling. I needed a little bowl for studded earrings but didn't have any around the house. So i used the lid of a mason jar, and cut up a print to add as coloured base. It matched the small frame artwork,

Project 3B: Restyling my Sofa 

Before Picture: Too much grey. Kept the pillows manufactured with the sofa.

After: I have red accents around the room so I decided to pull some red into the sofa as well.  I added some texture with the throw, and mixed prints and colours that still stuck to my living room colour palette.

I would have liked to find some different shaped pillows, but have had no luck yet. I'm hoping to find some at the Junction Flea market in Toronto this weekend.


Project 2: Coffee Table Styling, floral arrangements.


After Photos!

I collect fashion magazines, so I stacked three of my favourites. i had little trinkets around the apartment and added them to the group and it turned out quite nice. I made the floral arrangement in the basket from scratch.

Please excuse the quality of the photos, my point and shoot'er is gonzo... so I'm using my less than great Andriod camera. :'(

Top View: Jypsy Queen says hi.

These florals are not real, i picked up some cute thinks from a local dollar store and hoped for the best. I layered orange and red dyed gravel, added greens to the rim of the glass container and added the floral bulb on top! The project took less than 10 minutes to complete. 

The end...for now!



Five main Areas of My Home

Kitchen Eating Area - before picture.

This area of my home is still a bit bland since i moved in. I only have a circular mirror and a giant plant at the entrance way. The kitchenette set is hard carved wood and i'm in love with it! There are also two small succulants on the table

Bedroom - before picture.

Again, still pretty bland. I love a lot of white in the bedroom, but  I don't have enough of it yet. My goal is to add some pillows with pops of colour, a white headboard and some wall art. Maybe a plant?

Fireplace Mantle - before picture

This area is in my living room, and definetely a focal point in the apartment. I need to add some florals and botanicals and find another way of distracting people from the white empty square where the fire would be.  Also, i'm aiming to build up on the wall with some art pieces.

Bookshelf - before picture.

I've included some different elements in the bookshelf already, some greenery, small figurines, picture frames, etc. I'm finding the balance isnt quite right so im sure this class will give some great inspiration.

Living Room - before picture.

Most of my key items are solid colour, the couch/coffee table/tv stand. I've added personality through the rug, secondary chairs and plant fixtures. I need to add wall art and some lamps.



I like to spend most of my in-door time in my living room, so I decided to it for the first project.

Most of the elements were already in-place. I moved in 6 months ago and kept the yellow walls, i liked the brightness - and its quite cheery! 

I moved the grass plant and sequins decorated elephant to my window to add some bling and botanical goodness.

I'm hoping this class inspires me to decide on wall art, and sofa styling.



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