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Interior Style Evolution - Journey Begins...

Inspired by the outdoors, interior designer Brad Ford creates serenity in a friend’s Manhattan apartment.


1.  NEEDS – The most common needs in a living space are usually seating, tables and lighting. Since I live in NYC and space is commonly limited, I find multi-purpose furniture to be very important. In this image, I focused specifically on the bookcases. They are streamlined, provide ample storage and do not take up much floor space. They currently contain books, but they could also display decorative objects, boxes for hidden storage on the shelves. The tops of the bookcases provide additional display surfaces.

2.  SHAPE – This living space effectively showcases items of various shapes and sizes. I love the organic shape of the burl wood bench and the two “futuristic” white decorative objects resting upon it. In contrast, I like the softer shape of the large white floor lamp by the windows and the modern lines of the tufted day bed in the foreground. The large-scale artwork and sculpture on the tall pedestal also help to add visual interest.

3.  COLOR – The color palette of this space includes white walls, earth toned furnishings, greenery and pops of color in the artwork, decorative accessories (throws, pillows, vases).

4.  PATTERN – Although there is not an abundance of obvious pattern in the textiles and fabrics in this space, it can be found in the jute floor rug, tufted daybed, fur throw, burl wood bench, tall pedestal base, decorative pillows, and white floor lamp.

5.  TEXTURE – The fur throw, jute rug, sheepskin rug underneath the rustic wood coffee table and velvet fabrics on the armchairs, are just some of the elements that add texture and visual interest to this room.

6.  PLACEMENT – “The rule of 3” can be seen in the flowering plants on top of the bookcases, in the collection of pottery on the side table between the two armchairs and also in the fruit on the coffee table. The bookcases and books provide examples of repetition, while the placement of artwork enhances the walls in this space.

7.  BLING – Touches of bling can be found in the silver bowl on the coffee table, the brass arm of the midcentury floor lamp and the glass flower vase on the petrified wood stool.

8.  BOTANICALS - The use of botanicals in this space is effective; from a green potted plant on the coffee table, to a trio of flowering paper white narcissus in wooden boxes, to a pair of simple leafy stems in a glass vase.

“Always have something in a room that looks either hand-crafted or has a beautiful patina. It will help make the space feel more soulful”

“Get rid of any unnecessary clutter. This will help clear your mind and give you a deeper appreciation for the things you cherish.”

 – Brad Ford, interior designer

Image Credit:   Brad Ford Interiors


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