Smithan Mishra

Interior Designer



Interior Designing With Vastu Concept

Class Description-
The literal meaning of "Vastu" is "house" or the place where one is residing and "shastra" means teaching. Vastu shastras are ancient Sanskrit manuals of architecture. It contains the knowledge of dwelling. The principles of Vastu Shastra establish to create harmony between the five elements- fire, earth, sky, water and soil. We often have a question in our mind about why follow Vastu Shastra? You will get all your answers in this course

Class Project-

This course is filled with all the necessary and important concepts of vastu for interior designing. There are many aspects of peace and prosperity and following these can make a difference for in your life. Ok, so here is a small project for you, rearrange any part of your home as per vastu and tell me how did you feel the change?

Class Outline-


Published Class-


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