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Interior Design: Design an Elegant Modern Living Room

Interior Design: Create an elegant, modern living room design plan

Love the rooms you see in the architectural magazines and want to design your own? Learn where to start, what 3 key elements to balance out for the very best look, and how to determine the right sizing, scale, and color combination for your room design.


The project for this class is to create a basic floor plan and shoppable mood board for your living room.


You will finish with a shopable design for your living room. 




- We will being by targeting your ideal room design be creating a 5-10 room collage of spaces you adore.

- You will also share a picture of the "before" of the room you would like to make over. 

- I will demonstrate using a floor plan program how to figure out the right scale of furniture for your space.

- You will create your own basic floor plan to determine the sizes for your main furniture elements.

- I will share with you where to start when choosing your"big three" elements in your living room, and what to consider as you layer color, pattern, and texture together when creating a modern, cohesive look.

- You will then shop online for elements that fit your parameters.  

- You will then compile your elements into a cohesive mood board and shopable materials list.

You will upload as follows:

1. Your inspiration rooms

2. Your to-scale floor plan (you may choose to use the program I demonstrate, a program of your choice, or pen and graph paper). 

3. Your mood board draft.

4. Your final mood board.


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