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Interior Architecture Perspectives

I’ve always been drawn to architecture, but this class really made me think about shooting and looking at the same scene with different perspectives. I thought about applying the tips from class to interior architecture. I would take photos before but they never really came out as what I wanted to convey. Thanks so much Christian for helping me see the same scene so many different ways! It forced me to think about shooting the same scene in different angles.

When I come across photos of cathedrals in Italy, or Turkish mosques, or temples in Thailand, I’m a little jealous of those photographers. I felt they were so lucky to have access to such history. For this project I wanted to shoot a religious institution. It was just a question of which one. This class really made me look for interesting  places around me. And you realize there’s great places all around you, no matter where you are. You just have to look for them. I thought about shooting at St. Alphonsus Church in Chicago, but needed a place with a second floor to get that up high perspective. I finally settled on photographing a mosque in the Chicago area.

I couldn't decide if I liked the square instagram photo or the photos that give you a much better idea of how wide this mosque is. Looking forward to hearing what you think! Most of these shots were taken with my phone except the "with a tool" photo as you can see :)

Feel free to say hi on instagram @ maybeitsmaryam

up high:

up high for instagram:

down low: 

down low for instagram:

Instead of a selfie for my "shot of myself", I decided to show how you're not allowed to wear shoes in the prayer area of a mosque. 

with a tool: 


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