Philippa Gillström

Artist, Illustrator, Teacher, Coach



Intergalactic fun!

So I started as Ohn Mar recommends - playing around as a warm up. So the photo of the field of flowers is using a candle, Conté crayons, masking fluid and white ink (with a splash of gold ink glamour as the final touch). The foloowing two photos are done in my moleskine watercolour sketchbook - admittedly a rather small format for galactic subjects! The final Reach for the Stras painting is a culmination of Ohn Mar's Skillshare class here and also Ana Calderón's class on painting galaxies. And as this is such a fun, but also magnificent subject, it won't be my last galaxy-inspired painting.0e2f1612cee54f6e168f28571e11d684


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