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How do we expand on a growing community of reviewers?

The search query "Karmaloop review" on YouTube brings up 58,000 results, a miniscule fraction of which are my own. I've watched the YouTube community of streetwear enthusiasts grow for the past 3 years,and made my own videos for 2. It's an untapped, viable, and as close to a "free" market as you can get. These are people who love to shop, and are proud of their selections. They help each other.

What problem does this fix?

When I tell people that I buy all of my clothing,shoes, and accessories online, they don't believe me. Others say I'm crazy because "What if it doesn't fit?" comes to their mind, or "What if it's the wrong color?". They would rather spend time and money going to the mall to find clothes that everyone else is wearing than risk buying clothes online. With YouTube reviews, I can get an accurate perspective of how something looks, and how it would fit. A lot better than a mannequin in the mall.

Where is the passion?

I have been a Karmaloop Rep since April 2011.  After making a few videos, I would get comments from potential customers, those who were unclear on how to get a discount, putting people on to the Rep program, etc. It's great. Am I on the same level as my customer? I am a customer. 

So how do you connect social media?

There are a few options. I don't know much about computer coding, but I feel it could be possible to link reviews to their corresponding products. This is how a buyer can really see, in an unparalled manner, what they're purchasing. If this isn't feasible, then I'm sure there can be a separate page where the videos are shown, and they can be searched through a tag system, like regular YouTube. A comment section would make certain the relationship between buyer and reviewer is instant.

Who should do this?

Everyone. I think this would encourage people to be a part of the RepTeam, and it encourages current Reps to purchase and upload, to tie in their discount code. Reviews could be filtered by newest, highest rated, HD, you name it. This ensures a constant flow of different Reps being in the spotlight, and healthy competition. It would also definitely help smaller brands get their name out there and showcase their product.

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