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Enjoy Food Again with the Intentional Eater Education System

The Intentional Eater Education System is a program I created to help people have more energy and less fat through the everyday foods we want to eat. From fast food joints to holiday feasts and all the grazing in between, we can satisfy our taste buds and have more energy. When we know how to eat for muscles, bones, hormones, happines, strengh, stamina, immune system support, janitorial services - the parts that hold us up all day, everyday... then food serves us.

As an Electrical Engineer, my job was to get more energy out of a power plant. Fuel goes in, energy comes out, and any fuel it doesn't burn it stores for later. The better the fuel mix, the better the burn with very little left over to store.

The body works the same way. Food goes in to give us energy, happiness, and strenght. Any fuel left over we store in our fat cells., But when we eat our optimim fuel mix, there is very little left over to store; and the body can finally start burning old fat because it's not storing new fat.

The Intentional Eater Education System teaches each person how to find their optimum fuel mix and how to eat it. Your optimum fuel mix is as unique as your personality and must feed your metabolism to help it thrive.

whether you are a road warrior, weekend athlete, couch potato, a mother or executive assistant responsible for feeding others, this system is for you. To get more focus and productivity from your employees, great for work groups, decision-making groups, and an excellent self-management tool! You can teach your kids what's important so they can make good decisions when you're not around.

4 class sessions

Session 1 - Your Metabo-Energy Profile - Discover your optimum fuel mix through this 50 question metabo-energy profile survey. (90 minutes)

Session 2 - Support Group - You ask the questions because we are helping you create your optimum fuel mix - the one that feeds your energy profile and is easy for you and your eating habits. (90 minutes - I'll stay on the line unjtil all questions are answered)

Session 3 - Your Blood Sugar - How to eat to support blood sugar, your immune system, fat management, your muscle, bones and hormones, (60 minutes)

Session 4 - Support Group - You ask the question because we are fine tuning what you want your optimum fuel mix to be. We'll review and reinforce the most important points for each of you.

Make Food Behave and Serve You by taking this Intentional Eater Workshop.

The Intentional Eater Education System,
This is NOT your Mother's diet!

Keywords: intuitive eating, taking pounds of sensibly, more energy, better posture, balanced hormones, happiness, self development, self improvement, self help, decision making, gap management


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