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Intentional Creative Time

As a freelance translator and movie lover, I spend most of my free time in front of the TV. I have been trying to be more disciplined and to invest in myself, so I decided to take this class to help with the process. I felt very inspired to create and start a morning and evening routine. I found app a very helpful tool to keep the momentum going.

My Daily Focus:

Monday: Admin (Miscellaneous things)

Tuesday: Learning

Wednesday: Bucket List

Thursday: Grocery Shopping (I know, lame. But I found it so helpful to put it in this time slot.)

Friday: TV Shows

Saturday: Get Out

Sunday: Reflection (And prep for following week)

Here is my perfect morning routine:

07:00 - Wake-up, bathroom, glass of water, change to workout clothes

07:15 - Water my plants and take time to look out the balcony (I can't tell you how many plants I've killed for lack of water, so I thought I'd include it on my routine)

07:17 - Quiet Time (Pray/ Read the Bible/ Journal)

07:40 - Soaking time (Listening to worship)

08:00 - Gratitude and Affirmations

08:10 - Exercise

08:50 - Have Breakfast

09:00 - Do dishes, orgnize the flat, shower and get ready

09:30 - Daily Focus

10:00 - Start Work

And I realized that to sustain my morning routine I also need an evening routine:

21:30 - Get ready for bed (change to pj's, bathroom, glass of water)

22:00 - Facetime my boyfriend (he's in the US, I'm in South Africa, so time zone is a bi***)

22:45 - Journal

23:00 - Read

23:30 - Lights Out


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