Cecilia Doan




Instrument Brand Narrative


- Craft. Always Make.
- No Bullshit.
- Put Out Into the World What You Want Back.


We're a digital creative agency named after a documentary about American post-hardcore band Fugazi, whose guitarist inspired us by saying, ""My interests were not necessarily to be in a band, but to be with people who wanted to play music with me."" One man from Vermont set out out to form a company where he'd only work with the best people--his friends. Now there are three men, sixty others, and we live and breath this philosophy still today, putting out into the world only what we want to get back. We go from talking to doing, and make experiences that bring together equal parts craft and technology. We cultivate a culture that's allergic to bullshit, but know just when to compromise by understanding the challenges our clients face and live to fight another day. We are strategic partners with our clients. We are Instrument.


Open to your thoughts and feedback! Thanks.


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