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Vivian Aldridge

Instructional Designer at Golden Gate University



Instructors Head for a Powtoon learning cartoon

I am an instructional designer for online learning at a university, and I am working with an instructor to create a learning module that is created in Powtoon. Powtoon is online animation program and comes with stocked characters but I thought it would be fun to create some of my own.

I want to create some caricatures of the instructors to make the Powtoon more personable. However, I have to cautious when I do this as there are many egos at the university level to contend with. Heh.

Here is my first generic head using the Andrew method. All the geometry makes me dizzy when I draw too many lines. I am not even sure I did this right. Hope its close enough.

Part 2

Part 3

As requested I drew in red the head proportions over a photograph (of me.) The red lines look like a hurricane because I was drawing them while riding a train and it was a pretty bumpy ride :-) Once I got home I drew a pencil drawing.

Part 4

Here I diagramed out and made comparisons of the features in a face.

I picked four people and sketched a unique head shape for them. 

Part 5

So here is my caricature of an instructor I work with. My drawings are not nearly as professional as what I have seen in this course but I think my guy will be pleased so far.

Its interesting how my drawing looks so simple but it took me an hour and a half to finsh it! Heh.

Part Six

Since I am using an iPad 2 I have decided to use the app called Sketch Club. It also comes with layers and premade color pallets.  I used it to create the drawing above.

Part Seven

Took me about two weeks to draw the same guy ten times but I did it! Now drawing a face is not nearly as daunting as I thought it was at the beginning of this course!

I used two slightly different photos. In one of them my subject has a smile positioned at a marked angle.

My very first drawing took me 45 minutes. The very last pencil drawing took me ten minutes. In the first couple of drawings I used guide lines but I noticed the more Imade these sketches the less I needed the guidelines.

At the bottom are some cartoons I made from these sketches.

Part Eight

in this part you are supposed to create a detailed drawing and render it in grey tones.

I was not successful but I did learn a few things. First, of all I have never rendered a face in different grey tones and this time I did. Yay! Simplistic, yes but it is a start. I am also pleased my drawing (created on Sketch Club on my iPad) does look like my subject. So the more I practice drawing the better I get, and the faster I can sketch a person. This one took me 20 minutes to draw,and another 20 minutes to color it.

If I had to do anything different it would be to make his eyes more squinty looking.



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