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Instructions for children

Updated 4/12/2014

Have left the first project for a bit while I work out if it needs embellishing  and have worked on another painting for my husband..Somewhat rude but overused in an affectionate way with eachother. Also I like it as it does seem to be a fundamentally British saying.

Really pleased with the colour balnace and especially the shadows which were an olive green (I looked at a lot of Edward Hopper paintings who used a sort of dirty green / grey for shadows).


I've been lurking on this website for the past week and have totally fallen in love with all the type based projects Skill Share have to offer.  But having come from a painting background, I was keen to get to grips with representing type in a more organic and painterly way.

I completely fell in love with a small packet of coffee whilst I was holidaying in Ibiza...  Look at that piece of work ! Isn't it gorgeous ? I adore the colours, not to mention the choice of typeface and the balance and design of the package itself, so I took this to be my first point of reference. 

I wanted to use a forceful word or phrase to paint - something that had purpose.  I have been spending most of my weekend shouting at my kids to tidy up after themselves, and because they are due to move bedrooms for a bit more space, I thought it fun to paint "Tidy Up!" in fun childish colours...and maybe even add the word 'please' as a footnote.

I found this image on Pinterest and sadly, can't find a credit but I thought the colours were gorgeous and would appeal to both my daughter and son.

Next, I started to sketch my words.

But I fear the font maybe too complicated for paint (especially if I want it to have a painterly feel). So I'll have a bit more of a think as to whether I want to do a basic 'naive' block capital or the more Victoriana font which I have sketched here.

Updated 1/12/2014

Having had a day at home with sickly children I got onto the project ... couldn't wait to get going with painting !

Here are some photos of my initial steps..I thougth about using a red/orange underpainting.

And I then used a pale lemon yello over the red and a teal for the main word 'tidy'.

Next was to add the 'up' and the 'please' came as an afterthought.

and with hindsight, perhaps I should have done the words all together.

Now I have reached an impass...I'm loving the colours and the texture but I feel it's somwhat lacking in dimension and I'm not sure how to proceed.  I'm slightly worried that I've got too 'tight' in my brushstrokes to bring it back to a more playful feel.


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