Shelby Maggart

Visual Communications



Instant Tent Setup

The Sketch:


The final Illustration:


I was excited to take this class because I really enjoy the aesthetic style of isometric illustrations. It also just so happens that I was wanting to create one for work. My company has been having a difficult time showing how our instant tent system works and how easy it is to setup. I thought this was a great solution to our visual problem. Hoping something along the lines of this illustration will appear on our packaging some day.

I started by sketching with the provided grid in Photoshop. Certain aspects came very naturally (like the floor) and some elements took a little bit more brain power. I sketched several versions of the middle step until I decided upon the one that I though best showed the step in a simplified form.

Once the sketch was worked out drawing these super simple forms in Ai was pretty easy. I then created this dot pattern to add a little dimension.

Thanks for the class!


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