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Melissa Lee

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Instant Human, Just Add Coffee

I decided on the phrase "Instant Human, Just Add Coffee" because I love coffee and I can relate, haha. I've seen it on various different signs and such, but never quite to my liking, so I wanted to make my own version. 

I want to go with a vintage feel, so my moodboard reflects that:


I had a lot of fun with the warm up, even though at first I didn't want to do it. I wanted to just jump straight into thumbnails because I was excited, but the warm up basically forced me to come up with some ideas I might not have otherwise. (Side note: let's pretend I spelled "caffeinated" right, meheh.) 


I decided that I wanted this to be for a t-shirt, so I created my thumbnails with that in mind:


I really like the "in a shape" and "representational" versions of the word "coffee" that I did for my warm ups, so I incorperated them into most of my designs. My favorites are the top right and middle left designs. I think my heart is set on the top right one, what do y'all think?


I had to draw out my design twice before inking it because I messed up the placement:



Overall, I'm pretty happy with it, though I may add some details and change a few things here and there before digitizing and coloring it.

Whatever the case, I'm having a lot of fun with this! Thanks for the great class, Mary!


Update 6/28/2017

I finally digitized, colored, and added a bit of texture to this!



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