Instagram wins out for visual marketing

Instagram wins out for visual marketing - student project


I am on Instagram to get exposure for my business Naylor and Fay, as a company that sell handmade switch and socket surrounds for the interior decor market. I find it a brilliant outlet for providing potential customers a visual of our products - in situ, packaged ready to go and 'behind the scenes' - showing us handcrafting the products. I feel giving a story around the product images gives a company credibility and authenticity, so not all my images are selling my products, but they help provide a back story for the company. I try to upload as often as possible, but I don't want to upload images for the sake of uploading one every day, as I try to keep to a certain 'feel' for the company. I am aware that I need to upload more product imagery to keep that as the main focus of the account, which as business picks up should get easier. I have also been debating if I should upload inspiration i.e. re-gram other Instagram accounts images (giving them credit of course) but as a creative, I find it really hard to post something that isn't mine - and can't help but feel sharing inspirational images is what Pinterest is for, does anyone else feel this way...or am I just being picky?

I am taking away from this course 

- To try my hardest at uploading regular content (more heavily product orientated)

- Find similar accounts to my own and engage with their following

- Invest more time in liking and following potential audiences

- Putting my hashtags in a comment below the image!

Instagram wins out for visual marketing - image 1 - student project