Instagram theme

Instagram theme - student project
  1. List a theme or two that you are interested in pursuing on Instagram

Landscape Photography 

Architecture in connection with Reflections


2. Explain why you chose this theme

I choose the  landscape photography is my passion. I love  to be outside and search for new beautiful places, look for symmetrie or other lines.  My other theme ist Architecture in combination with Reflection, this theme is verry new for me but i have so much fun to shot some Architecture in my Hometown Hamburg or other city like Amsterdam. 


3. How do you plan to create content for your theme?

I try to shot every week to improve my photography skills and search for new places to shot. Also I try to build my own photography and editing style. I think about to structure my feed in 1 Line Landscape the other one Architecture and Reflection, I find its a cleaner look.  What do you think about? Sorry for the bad englisch I`m from Germany.

My Insta: till.r1