Will Helliwell




Instagram Workshop Shots

Instagram @willhelliwell

Hey everyone. My name's Will and I'm a composer from the South of England. I'm doing this course as part 2 of the Skillshare Instagram workshop currently running. On all 3 photos I went through the process of VSCO → Snapseed → VSCO. The first 2 shots I'm trying to convey how weary I was in the afternoon sun. I made them overly warm and colourful and hoped you could almost feel the weight of the air. I copied the settings from the 1st shot onto the 2nd to get the same feel. The 3rd shot is totally different and is a closeup of my guitar that I used in an Instagram post to explain how this was my first time restringing a guitar with vintage tuners.






VSCO: AL6 + C9


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