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Gail Jessen

Academic by day. Creative Soul in real life.



Instagram Travel Photography


Here's the final presentation. I vetted it with family, friends, and people in this course. Thanks for the feedback. Happy travels!


Unit 3: Design

Ta-da! I'm 97% done with my presentation. I've shared a private link to my Scribd site. I'm not going to make it public until I'm completely done, but you should be able to access it with this link:

** I would appreciate specific feedback on this specific issue:

In the second half of the presentation I say the style of my photography is narrative, evocative, and inspiring. I created mutiple slides for each of those words. I need to crowdsource opinions as to which slide / photo best represents each of those words. 

Help me chose the best photos! Thanks!



Unit 2: Basic Presentation

I want the document to be private until I am finished and submit the pitch. The only way I found to do this is the create a private document link on Scribd. Tomas, I would appreciate feeback on the content and sequence of my slides. Let me know if the link works for you.


Unit 1: Audience

Hello, everyone. I'm a university administrator by profession, but I want to puruse my passion for photography and travel. Perhaps it can grow into a new career, perhaps it will lead to a handful of freelance gigs, or perhaps it will simply land a free vacation every so often. This class is one of my first steps toward figuring out the different ways I could go about this. I.E. The title of this project is clearly a work in progress, too.

Who is my audience:

Travel-related companies and brands (i.e. luxury river cruise lines).

What is their problem/opportunity: 

1) Integrating Instagram into their online marketing strategy.

2) Reaching travelers in my demographic (professional, Gen-X 30-49 year olds, mobile, social, well-connected online, adventurous)

How I can help them:

Two primary ways I've seen brands integrate on Instagram: 1) I use my Instagram feed to promote their travel experiences, itineraries, and products; or 2) I assume administration of the company's Instagram feed for a period of time to promote their travel experiences, itineraries, and products.

Essentially, I'm offering to create high-quality user/traveler-generated content. The immediacy and intimacy of Instagram is perfectly suited for the marketing of travel experiences. 


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