Instagram Rehaul

Instagram Rehaul - student project

Instagram Rehaul - image 1 - student projectInstagram Rehaul - image 2 - student project

(My Page before starting, Feb 7/19)


- Travel (Sustainable, Adventure, Solo)

I chose this theme because I love traveling with all my heart and id like to combine that with my strong passion for preserving the environment. I believe I have lots of knowledge to share with the world about sustainability and travel. I chose adventure because I often take more "unconventional" and adventurous trips and I usually do them solo.

I plan on creating content around these themes by:

- Working to improve my photography and increase my creativity

- Getting away more in my spare time to allow myself opportunities that are SOLEY for content creating

- Continuing to educate myself on sustainability and sustainable travel practices

- Actually putting those practices to use in daily life

- Constantly reminding myself of my Instagram theme and make sure im only posting content that relates to the theme.