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Hi, I'm Ella. I’m an artist based in Southern California, USA. My IG handle is

Mission: I’m at the beginning of my artistic journey - learning and finding my style. My IG is a place where I can explore and express my creativity, document and share with the community. Eventually, I’d love to be a full-time working artist and IG would be an avenue for marketing original works and prints.

I appreciated Taylor's tip about whether to have both a personal and a business account. It's something that I've struggled with for a long time - whether to separate or combine the two.

I originally had them separated and recently decided to just use the one shown here. Logistically speaking, it's much easier to maintain one account than to maintain two. So this seems practical.

I'd observed that many influencer accounts also share about their daily lives or things outside of the main focus of their account. It's interesting to see that stuff. Even with celebrities, think of the whole tabloid news industry, people are curious what other people are like.

So I enjoyed the bit about "your IG is like you as a person, with multiple interests". People are multi-dimensional. So, Taylor's advice on this helped affirm my decision to just use one account. Like a little bit of validation. It almost seems silly to have contemplated this for this long. LOL.

After taking the class, I realized I only have one type of content bucket, which are posts of my artwork. Thinking about it, I could mix it up with product mockups - showing how the artwork looks framed on a wall, printed on a cell phone case or pillow. Unsure what else, but I'll just try some other content types and see how it goes.

Overall, this was a great course, definitely learned some new things I wouldn't have thought of before. 

Ella Chiang
Artist in love with colors