Keren Duchan

Doodler, Teacher



Instagram Photo with Text: "relax and doodle"


I wanted to create an image that illustrates how relaxing doodling can be. Hopefully this will encourage people to join my Doodle Art class here on Skillshare. In the caption, I wrote: "link in bio", where people can enroll to the class.

Here's the post on instagram.

I'm @artonthefridge on instagram, by the way :-)

This is a really fun class, and I applied what I learned immediately, even before watching the whole class. I didn't know about pixabay and the rest of the recommended sites with free photos - that will be very useful in future Skillshare classes and blog posts!

This class encouraged me to try writing text and using images my followers will relate to. Usually I post only photos of my artwork, so this is a refreshing idea that I'll try out.

Thank you, Diego, for an awesome and useful class!


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