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Instagram Newb

I'm just starting out learning how to use Instagram to promote my business selling Watercolor Clipart Packs for instant download on Etsy. My Instagram account is I have posted twice so far. For this project, I'm referring to my second post:


I was able to include 4 of the 7 elements outlined in the class...

2 - I didn't include location because it isn't relevant to my business and it wasn't relevant to this post either, although I did include #bayarea as one of my hashtags to indicate my geographic location which may be of interest to some?

4 - I didn't include a CTA. I guess I feel uncomfortable about this. I don't have my website set up yet, so I could only direct people to my Etsy shop. I'm new to Instagram and need followers and I don't want to put followers off by blatantly advertising. I would be comfortable doing this though once I get my website up and running so I'll incorporate it into future posts.

7 - I'm not able to determine the ideal timing for my posts as yet because I'm new to Instagram. I wasn't able to set up an account on (I got a code 400 error message), but I want to monitor Instagram activity and time my posts appropriately once I can find an alternative site tracker.

Thanks for a great class. I knew nothing about Instagram before I enrolled and its been really helpful! I'd welcome any feedback anyone has to offer. Thanks :).


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