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Stephanie Liszewski

little notes from nature



Instagram Flat Lay Butterfly

Thank you for the wonderful class! I love that you provided so much inspiration in such a short time and your cheerful disposition is infectious!

Some of my biggest takeaways:

- Don't be afraid to tag big brands

- Editing with the apple photo edits - exposure & cast

- Using Color Story & Picfy/Intazz

** And most importantly... Telling a story or conveying a mood with your photo! **



I was excited to post this photo to my instagram after watching your class. I think one aesthetic I want to try to maintain is minimalism - that is, since I post mostly drawings and paintings, I don't want the background to distract too much from the art. However, I also want to explore how I can really create a mood with my art - adding some small things from nature might work since most my art is nature related.

Some self critique:

- I like the clean feel of this but maybe it is too plain or too "mechanical" (can't think of the right word) for my brand and style.

- I didn't notice on my phone, but I can see now that the lighting on the right side by the pens could be better. I will need to pay more attention to that!

+ This piece was done for Inktober, so I wanted to emphasize the ink and pens. I think the monochromatic color scheme helps with that!

+ I like how crisp the photo came out and it looks somewhat professional on my instagram.

Thanks again for the awesome class! I already have so many ideas in my head from watching - just need to create more art to share!! Critique from anyone welcome.




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