Instagram Challenge

I am hoping I can do the challenge during the next 2 weeks. This is a new instagram account dedicated strictly to illustration. I have another portfolio for my paintings, but I am strictly trying to build my illustration portfolio as I am putting more effort into surface design. I will be editing my profile to change the written portion and delete the reference to a second account. 

I may have trouble keeping up as we are scheduled to have company here for a week during the 2 week period so I probably won't get much new work done.




The challenge is now over. I found it very hard to keep up with this during the chaos at home, but I did manage it (more or less). I think towards the end the quality of my work was starting to suffer, and engagement dropped noticeably as well. So my observation is that quality content will get me further ahead than posting twice a day. I could see maybe posting a video and then the finished work in one day. 

I think it's important to find a niche to get a good following, but you also have to have something to offer people (not talking freebies or giveaways). Teaching or expertise that people can learn from is a big draw. But I'm not experienced enough to offer anything like that. I don't have a shop other than stuff on Redbubble and (maybe someday if I ever get my samples - which I've been waiting almost 2 months for) Spoonflower, but every other Tom, Dick, And Jane do as well. So what do I have that's different, compelling, and worthwhile for the average person? I am still trying to work out that answer. 

I started this account to hopefully connect with agents and companies that license surface design and illustration, but I am not doing a good job connecting with that audience. So far most of my audience is other illustrators/designers trying to get noticed by the same people. There's a huge field of people trying to find work in a limited market, and competing for a piece of attention. My following did increase a bit - I'm up to 191 followers today. I will now go back to a more regular schedule and see how that plays out in followers and engagement. 

Thank you Ohn Mar for all your suggestions and tips. I hope you are feeling better. 


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