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Instaflakes -


What is it?

  • As a refresher, My product is a snow producer. Think of it as the opposite of a heated driveway. When planted either on top of or beneath a surface (depending on the surface in question), it has the ability to produce snow from below. It is controlled via either a remote or an app that can be installed on either a computer or a tablet/smartphone, and the settings allow one to choose exactly how much snow they want on the ground.
  • There are two primary audiences: 1) IBusinesses that could use snow (resorts, amusement parks, event planning/production, film/television studios, etc.) b) Anyone who wished to use it recreationally (for example, instead of a sandbox, parents could build their kids a "snow box"). This would be a slightly higher-end offering on the luxury end (in the sandbox case, I imagine it being sold at FAO Schwartz instead of Toys'r'us, for example).

What's the Idea for the Campaign?

  • We're going to install Instaflakes on beaches and resort areas, in the middle of summer, around the world! We'll create snow men, have people making snow angels, participating in snow ball fights, etc.

How Will This Get Attention?

  • One generally doesn't find much advertising on beaches, and if they do, it's in the form of airplanes flying banners or painting words in the sky, boats pulling advertisements, etc. 
  • The dichtomy of snow on a beach, in the middle of summer, is bound to get attention, and hopefully attract a fair bit of media attention (for free!) as well.

How will this engage people?

  • The intention is for people to interact with the snow - create snowmen, snow angels, have snowball fights, etc.

What's the Call to Action?

  • Simply to create awareness and get people talking. 


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