Inspiring Portraits

Inspiring Portraits - student project

Inspiring Portraits - image 1 - student project

For this class project I selected this portraits. I think they are al different an similar in a way. they all have the winter moody gram and similar colors. I love the way the oranges play with the whites and the greens.

on the first one it has a different approach with the hand not in focus. really lovely.



Inspiring Portraits - image 2 - student project


this second portrait is just beautiful how she plays with her hair and the greens on the tree.


Inspiring Portraits - image 3 - student project


and this last one its just beautiful how can you portrait half a face. makes you imagine the rest, the eye its just marvelous. Also with the beanie and that winter moody.


My Instagram is @Lucas.pizzolante feel free to have a look, I usually shoot travel photography but I want to upgrade my game and start shooting portraits better. that's why I signed up for this course.


thanks :)