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Christian McCormick

Graphic Design Student




I chose to write the word "Inspired" for this project. I have just started to understand the important role of inspiration in design and illustration and as such felt that "Inspired" would be a good word to write. Now, I'm pretty much a total newbie to hand lettering. I've never done anything like this before; in fact, I've mostly forgotten how to write in cursive! Nonetheless I greatly admire the work of many hand letterers and would love to be able to write in script. I'm hoping that this class will help me get started.

For my inspiration I took a look at the resources suggested by Neil and found some lettering examples that I liked. They are mostly casual script—the style that tends to resonate with me the most. I like the bold, quick, and expressive nature of casual script; so many of the examples I saw seemed to be oozing with character. Here are the images I've chosen to reference:

I like the thick strokes found in the first three, and the thin and predictable nature of the last two.

Here is a collage of my practice sheets. I followed the video exercises closely then went off on my own to practice the basic forms. It is difficult to achieve consistency, but the more I practice the easier it gets.

Next, I began sketching out "Inspired". I chose to go with a more casual looking script and used my reference images to give me inspiration and guidance. At first I was sketching quite slowly and as a result found that the forms I was creating seemed boring and stiff. I switched things up and began quickly sketching out the word. What I discovered was that even though the forms weren't quite perfect, the flow and overall feel of the word was much better.

At this point I'm leaning towards the word to the far right. There is something about the thin, long forms that I like. Though I think it still needs a lot of work! To my eye either the "pir" needs squishing or the "Ins" and "ed" need stretching. I think that I will try both changes and see what happens. My plan is to begin making larger sketches of the word and then start to add weight to the letters once I'm pleased with how the form is looking. I will also create a custom set of guidelines to tighten up the word and add consistency throughout it. Feedback is appreciated!


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